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What is the best place for quad biking or buggying in Marrakech?

The Marrakech region is perfect for trips quad or buggy.

It is a paradise for travelers in search of adventure and discovery. Especially as the prices are much cheaper than in Europe.

(Caution still really cheap because the means trouble, I will explain below).

The city of Marrakech is located in the Haouz Plain down High Atlas Mountains and Jbilets. This is an area rich with high contrasts in terms of scenery: palm groves, mountains, stone desert, villages, oasis, etc. Close your eyes and imagine you are in a village nestled in a palm grove where the houses are made of red mud, with the backdrop of the chain of the High Atlas snow.

If you already know, you know what I mean and it’s UNIQUE!


Picture by Marc ROMAIN.
Quad Biking around Marrakech. Picture by Marc ROMAIN.


The quad and buggy are the best ways to reach the most remote places, far from the tourist trails. They are comfortable and reliable machines that can go anywhere. Sand, mud, rivers … no obstacle can resist them!

Beginners or confirmed, all people will have a lot of fun to drive them. Just be awareto always follow the safety instructions.

Morocco is an incredible playground to indulge in such activities. Indeed, unlike in Europe where all tracks are private, here is total freedom. One condition: respect the people during the crossing of the villages (noise and dust disturb), and be careful to children, meet the farmers and their fields. Always be polite and kind to our guests. Normal, right? 🙂

About insurance, it is always recommended to travel with repatriation insurance, for total comfort when minor glitch happens.

In recent years, Marrakech abounds renters. You will find the best and the worst. Not to make a mistake, I suggest you inquire well before booking. Look in the paper guides, search the forums and look in specialized websites.

I will not waste too much time describe the bad agencies, but be aware that their machines often break down, they do not have insurance and that the guides are not guides. We even crossed once a quad with 3 wheels. It’s annoying! Even dangerous! You will easily recognize them because their rates are very low and are often located in the street or directly on the palm grove circuit. Also be aware where taxis can bring you. Always favor the information you get from your hotel concierge or riad. FYI, a trip worthy of the name in the region of Marrakech costs about 600 to 700 MAD for  1/2 day, all inclusive, even water.)

If you just want to make Vroom vroom and eat dirt, an average agency will suffice. However, if you want to discover and understand a little better Morocco, the key is your guide: you need a good guide who will transmit his passion for his country and in this case you need to find a good agency.

Here to begin your research to guide one of the excursions Dunes & Desert offers: Half Day Quad from Marrakech

Dunes & Desert is referenced in the Rough Guide, the Lonely Planet, Get Your Guide and Viator and has about 600 messages on TripAdvisor.com. These are some clues that confirm our experience since 2007.


One last small point but important: “There are no sand dunes in the Marrakech region, there is no Ouarzazate. The first dunes, worthy of the name, are about 8-10 hours away, in Merzouga and Chegaga.

I hope I have answered some of your questions, if not, do not hesitate to contact us as our foremost role is primarily to guide and assist you for free just like a tourist office.

Happy holidays!