Paddle in Morocco … Experience this unique adventure in Marrakech

STAND UP PADDLE is an aquatic activity, fun and practicable by all. We sail up and move forward with a paddle. Feet slightly apart, legs bent, eyes on the horizon, and … let’s go! “

“Follow us in paddle for an unforgettable day in the heart of the Moroccan nature”.

A journey that starts in Marrakech

Breakfast on the roof of the riad. We observe the High Atlas and Mount Toubkal while also seing the valley of Ait Oucheg.  It will be for a future adventure. The medina is a medieval town protected by the ramparts. Inside, we feel the spirit of the caravans that came to trade, outside … the adventure!

Today, we have an appointment at the edge of a wild and unknown river. We will navigate the unexplored meanders to discover a nature we’ve never seen. There is lush vegetation of side riversides and overflowing wildlife. Birds in abundance. This wealth is there, built by the cycle of water and winds, in the middle of a desert. We will meet people “with a big heart” passionate about their way of life and their culture, fascinating by their “stories”.

The trail leading to the oasis

The driver is waiting for us at the rendezvous point, with a Toyota Prado. We are in Morocco in front of a 4×4. Immediately we think of the images of Parais-Dakar and African landscapes.

“Hello, I’m Hicham. It’s me who accompanies you to the great outdoors. Are you ready for the adventure? So, go up! ”

Head north. We leave Marrakech and understand that the journey begins.

We cross the Jbilettes (small mountains in Berber). The Jbilettes are made of slates and are older than the Atlas. They form a chain 60km long, 20km wide and up to 1000 meters altitude. Very quickly we get off the road to go on a track.

In front of us stands a desert region with hills, villages and wadis. Eyes wide open, windows open, we breathe full lungs.

“We are going to the top of this hill. Do you see her? Above the green zone. We will meet Marc, Karim and Richard. They are waiting for you.

“The green zone is a forest of reeds”.

We see children greeting us playing football, goats walking around and a village dominated by a minaret. The village seems to be out of time.

“Here on the left is a village. An old village. The inhabitants built it with clay, stones and hay. It is a traditional and ecological village. Have you ever slept in a house like this?  Something to do once ! “.

We follow the track, turn left at the cactus, then to the olive tree, then to the rock … We are lost. ☺ Hicham reassures us,  he’s with us, we are in his 4×4.

At the top of the hill

We are overwhelmed by the view. In front of us, 360 ° of “full nature”. We see a river, its meanders, the hills, herds, sinners, herons (these birds so dear to my father).

” Hello how are you ? We are in the middle of a stone desert. Come … have a tea on the terrace. Tea was prepared by Abdelkrim.

We are greeted by Marc, Karim, Richard. Later, we will learn that they crisscross Morocco to propose new “roads”. The welcome is warm and friendly. We feel that we are in good hands.

The tea was prepared from a recipe kept secret. Everyone makes tea in their own way. They are all different. That of Abdelkrim exudes aromas of spices (coriander and cinnamon). We are captivated by the tea and the atmosphere of the place. We left this morning, and have the impression of having left for 3 days. We have a slight desire to stay there for one night and have our heads in the stars.

“Abdelkrim’s wife, Nezha, is cooking the meal that will be served on the promontory. The one right in front of you. You will have a bird’s eye view of the river. But before … let’s put on our wetsuits, take our paddle and then go down; on the water. The water is pure. It comes from the Atlas Mountains and flows 200 km west into the Atlantic. Water is precious and rare.

97% of the water on the planet is salty and only 3% is sweet. Of the 3%; 99% are difficult to exploit. 77% is frozen in glaciers, and 22% is buried in soils. We thought we had infinite … “

Over the water

Our guide gives us a briefing, complete and precise, then tells us to go to the water …

We look at him, open our eyes then … let’s go.

Do it like Alice, Chloe, Gaby, Carl and others. Travel the world and get inspired by nature.


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