The Stand-Up Paddle, what the hell is that?

You’ve heard about paddle but you don’t know exactly what it is? Or never even heard of it? Or you think it’s not for you? Dunes & Desert explains you everything about it.

What is the Stand-Up Paddle?

The stand up paddle (or SUP for the experts) is a sport that consists of rowing standing on a large and wide board, like a surfboard, with a paddle (the famous one). You can practice as well in sea as in river or on lake.

Historically, the paddle was born in the 1940s in Hawaii. It was brought back to life in the 2000s, and today there is a real enthusiasm for this sport, because it does not require any physical fitness and allows to have fun outdoor.

It is the perfect activity to take a break. Because an aquatic activity in the desert of Marrakech, isn’t that amazing?

Who can surf Paddle?

Everyone, that’s why it is so great! Men, women, children, grandparents … Everyone can have fun in paddle. If you are a beginner, you start by strolling on calm lakes, then you can have fun in the waves as you gain confidence.

At Dunes & Désert, we were the first in Morocco to offer paddle in our activities. We take you on Lake Lalla Takerkoust, at 600 metres altitude, or on Lake Ouirgane in the heart of the Atlas in a more exclusive way. The advantage is that in Morocco it can be practiced both in summer and winter (in winter we provide the combinations of course!).

So let’s go! You won’t regret it ?

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