The famous mint tea, a symbol of Morocco … What is its history? How to prepare it?

Dunes & Desert’s been proposing authentic tea breaks all around Marrakech since 2007. All activities & outdoor tours include a cup of tea somewhere into the Real Morocco.   So, here, follow our advice and become a real professional of the Moroccan Tea ☺

The Story of the Famous “Mint Tea”.

Nobody knows exactly when this tradition of mint tea appeared in Morocco, many versions exist and historians do not all agree.

Some say that it was the Phoenicians who brought tea to Morocco around the 12th century, and others that it was the first nomadic Berbers who imported it from Asia.

Some think that it was the Arabs who introduced it when they arrived in Morocco, others claim that it was the Spanish and Portuguese invaders who brought the sweet nectar in the 1900s.

And according to some people, it would be the Queen Victoria who offered tea to a prominent representative of Morocco. In summary, nobody knows where this tradition of mint tea has its roots.

Whatever the true version, we cannot deny that tea now occupies a fundamental place in the consumption habits of Moroccans. Morocco is even one of the largest importers of tea in the world. Because tea is not grown in Morocco, it usually comes from China.


The Moroccan Tea, a History of Traditions

An old belief is that men are better able to prepare mint tea. Indeed, they would be more patient and more inclined to spend up to 30 minutes preparing it to perfection. But in the daily life, women are as busy preparing tea as men.

The mint tea holds a very important place in the life and the social relations in Morocco: it is indeed the drink of the friendship and the hospitality. We propose and drink it when we meet, with family, friends, colleagues, customers… It is usually prepared in front of guests. The tea preparer places on the table a large silver tray with all the ingredients: teapot, hot water, tea leaves, mint leaves, sugar…

The mint tea is traditionally drunk at any time of the day, with a small preference at the end of the meal, like a digestive.


What to Eat with your Moroccan Tea?

As said above, you can drink tea all day, so it is not mandatory to accompany anything.

Tea accompanies most traditional dishes of Morocco: couscous, tajine, tanjia or B’Sara (bean soup).

You can also enjoy your tea with Moroccan pastries: cornes de gazelle, chebakia, sweet briouates… It’s delicious!


The Secrets to Prepare the Real Mint Tea:

The ingredients for making the famous tea are rather basic:

  • Dried green tea (gunpowder)
  • Some fresh mint leaves
  • Large pieces of sugar
  • Boiling water

The secret lies in the amount of each ingredient, and in the infusion time. Let’s explain how to do it perfectly:

1/ We start by putting the green tea (gunpowder) in a teapot, then we add a little boiling water by infusing about one minute. The contents are poured into a small tea glass and left to rest on the tray.

2/ Refill the teapot with boiling water, then throw the tea, so that the bitter taste of gunpowder disappears.

3/ Reintroduce the small glass of tea into the teapot. Then place the teapot filled with water on the stove for 5 minutes, or pour directly boiling water into the teapot to fill it.

4/ Add mint leaves and large pieces of sugar.

5/ Then everything is in the gesture: pour the tea in a first glass while holding the teapot in height, to add air and make it “foam”. Put the little glass in the teapot and repeat the operation as many times as necessary for the sugar and mint are well mixed (two or three times are sufficient).

6/ Once the tea is well mixed, serve all the guests.


Where to Enjoy the Best Mint Tea in Marrakech?

Well there is no single answer to this question, since we can taste this nectar almost everywhere. The most important thing is that it is done with the heart, and shared in a good mood.  

When you book an activity with Dunes & Desert (camel ride, quad or buggy outing, hiking in the Atlas and even hot air balloon ride), a tea break with the locals is planned in the middle of the activity (at noon for daytime activities, either in the morning or afternoon tea for half days). The perfect opportunity to taste the real mint tea, made by Moroccans, with all the hospitality that characterizes them. ☺

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Would you like another cup of tea?