If you have planned a stay in Marrakech, you will inevitably visit the famous Jemaa El Fna square. Located in the heart of the Medina, the old city, the square is both the geographical center of the city and also a meeting place. Dunes & Desert has listed for you the best things to see and do in this fascinating place, day and night!

1- Drink a mint tea on a rooftop
Mint tea is a real institution here in Morocco. Drink it preferably on one of the many rooftops and terraces that border the Jemaa El Fna square. It is traditionally drunk very sweet, so do not hesitate to ask without sugar if you are not a fan!

2- Taste the local specialties at sunset
And among the specialties that you can taste on the Jemaa El Fna square, we find the sheep’s head or the snails in their spicy broth. And if you are vegetarian, just observe the show ☺

3- Admire the Koutoubia (the Great Mosque of Marrakech)
The “Koutoubia” is the largest mosque in Marrakech. Its 77-meter high minaret is decorated with a green ceramic band. The mosque has the shape of a “T”, and includes a large courtyard surrounded by a portico and a prayer room with columns.
Its 17 naves, supported by numerous white pillars, house one of the largest prayer halls in the Muslim West, able to accommodate up to 20,000 worshipers.
The architecture of Koutoubia has inspired other monuments in the world, including the Giralda of Seville.

4- Drink an orange juice
If you are hot, stop at one of the many stalls and order a squeezed orange juice or a “panaché” (fruit mix). A refreshing delight for only 4 dirhams ☺

5- Negotiate with traders
Expect to be carried by local merchants: souvenirs, carpets, trinkets, henna tattoos… Do not hesitate to negotiate prices, and above all, keep smiling in all circumstances; it’s just a game ☺
See our article on how to negotiate in Marrakech.

6- Do it by bicycle!
A nice and unusual way to visit the medina and the Jemaa El Fna square is to cycle it! Dunes & Desert offers you a city bike tour which is an accessible route, framed with humor by our guides, during which you will stop at a friendly herbalist and at a selected orange juice seller! A perfect ride for the whole family ☺

7- Participate in evening entertainment
At sunset, the Jemaa El Fna square comes to life and offers to onlookers many activities, certainly kitsch but unique ☺ Try mini golf or bottle fishing, or admire the street acrobats’ shows. It’s an amazing experience!
You will also notice monkeys and snakes, but it is a trade that we prefer not to encourage.

You are now ready to visit Jemaa El Fna Square! If you want to discover the Medina of Marrakech with an expert who will explain in detail its history and share his favorites places with you, we advise you to choose our « Visit of the Medina with a master ». You will decide yourself what you want to see and do (rather shopping, history, culture, tradition?), with an accredited English-speaking (other languages on request) guide who has a stock of historical anecdotes to share with you ☺

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