Holidays are coming, and the stress that goes with the departure too! What should I bring with me? What can I find there? Dunes & Desert helps you prepare your luggage for the whole family calmly and serenely ☺ 

1- The clothes

It is certainly very hot in Marrakech in summer, but it is important to cover yourself in sign of respect for the Muslim inhabitants. Plan to bring some light pants or long skirts, as well as a scarf to cover your shoulders.

If you want to go out at night, bring some party outfits, Marrakech is famous for its crazy nights.

If you are more athletic, think about taking your sport outfits or at least covering clothes: the sun is very hot during the day.

If you plan to go surfing on the Atlantic coast, no need to clutter, you can rent everything on site (surfwear and boards).

And most importantly, your swimsuits! With its many pools, water parks and mountain lakes nearby, you will not miss an opportunity to swim in Marrakech or in the surroundings.

For shoes, take a pair of sneakers or sandals to walk in the souks and the many museums, a pair of flip-flops for the pool, and a pair of walking shoes if you want to explore the surroundings (by quad or by camel for example), or if you want to take a hike in the Atlas Mountains! And of course a nice pair of heels or something else if you want to have a drink in one of the many bars or clubs of the red city ☺

2- The accessories

To walk the souks, it is better to have a shoulder or a blet bag to take the minimum during your shopping time. Of course you can find beautiful leather pieces directly in the medina!

Also remember to take sunglasses as well as hat / cap to protect yourself from the sun.

If you want to go hiking, consider taking a small backpack, a water bottle, and a headlamp.

3- The pharmacy

There are many pharmacies/drugstores in Marrakech, but we advise you to come with a small first aid kit containing:

  • sunscreen
  • after sun cream
  • lip balm
  • disinfectant and dressings for small wounds
  • a mosquito repellent
  • some medicine for indigestion
  • a hydro alcoholic solution to wash your hands

4- Electronics

We know it’s hard to do without it, so do not forget your phones and chargers. There is wifi everywhere in Marrakech, but the connexion is not always good, so if you need to work, we advise you to buy a SIM card (Maroc Telecom or Orange) when arriving at the airport .

If you are a professional or amateur photographer, do not forget your photo equipment. Marrakech and its surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful, you will want to take pictures every two seconds.

5- The toilet bag

For your vanity case, we advise you not to charge too much, because Marrakech is the city of cosmetics: soaps, shampoos, day cream, care oils… You’ll want to buy everything on site!

6- The papers

Do not forget your passport, Morocco is close to Europe but it is not in the EU! Also remember to have on you photocopies of your official papers just in case. Know that you will be asked for your passport to check in the hotels so consider having it with you, even for a night getaway to the sea or the desert. The passport is also useful to register for activities such as quad or camel.

Do not forget your credit card, and call your bank before departure to check that you can use it in Morocco and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Just in case, come with a small amount in cash that you will change upon arrival (avoid changing at the airport, the exchange rates are very high).