The Camel Ride of Dunes & Desert !

Our ride is thus carried by dromedary (not camel), but in English both Word are accepted !! You will walk for about 2 hours in the back to enjoy the beauty of the desert landscape around the famous city of Marrakech.

No need to go very far: Our base is located just outside of the city, near the Oued Tensift, in a village called Ouled Mesouad.

You can book right here and book & pay online: EXCURSION CAMEL RIDE

Frankly, it’s worth it! For the price, you have a great half-day changes completely from the souks of the medina. And more importantly, the guides are nice.

Everyone has a good time and it is a popular activity for all: friends, family & kids!

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How’s it going?

You must be ready at 9am (or 2pm for afternoon session),at the point of meeting our office told you by email or phone. A minibus with Dunes & Desert panel will pick you up and drive you to our base.

At 9:30, you will arrive on site, where you will be served a little tea while you will leave us your name and email address … yes! because the guides take pictures then we post them on our Facebook and Google+ page and send you the link by email. You can also leave personal belongings in one of our lockers to lose nothing, but to be as comfortable as possible during the tour.

Then dress! You are given and be “installed” with a cheich to protect you from the sun … and a little for pictures. Got to have a little look nomadic desert, no?

Once everybody ready, let’s go, each one on his camel. Your camel guide will help you to seat on it. Camels are very calm animals. Even if they can be grumpy before departure, they will lead you merrily as soon as you start.

After a few photo stops, you will stop at Hicham’s for tea break. He will serve with his wife Najat super good M’semen called Moroccan pancakes, with of course a tea. Some will sit in the tent, some will decide to play football!

The second part will take you through the park and then return to base.

The same minibus will take you back to the same place at the start!


And you? When you join us?

Contact: +212 6 61 539 639 // dunesdesert@gmail.com

*** Watch Out! Make sure you are at Dunes & Desert! Because we are often imitated but never duplicated ….! 😉


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Camel or Dromedary in Marrakech?

The dromedary is also named camel of Arabia. It is a domestic mammal which is often confused with the camel. The dromedary has a single hump and lives mostly in Africa while the camel has two humps and is found mainly in Asia. Its size can reach 2 meters and its weigh 1100 kilos. Its life expectancy is about 25 years.

His hump is an energy reserve and not a water reserve as we might think. This reserve allows them to survive without water for two or three weeks in warm weather and up to 4-5 weeks in winter. However, they are able to drink 200 liters of water in 3 minutes if they have not been drinking for a long time.

Our ride is thus carried by dromedary and not camel. You will have a ride of about 2:20 on his back in order to appreciate the beauty of the desert landscape.