A new year has just started, and like most of you, Dunes & Desert is taking the opportunity to make good resolutions (and keep them!). Reduce our ecological footprint, offer our customers always better service, train our staff … Discover our goals for 2020.

Good resolution n°1: reduce our ecological footprint.

In 2019, we have already started to optimize our fuel consumption, eliminated plastic cups from our local bases, followed the “paperless” trend by removing 95% of our paper contracts (among others), and increased the collection of trash on the circuits. In 2020, we are committed to continuing these efforts, and to be ever greener:

– By minimizing our waste as much as possible:

  • Completely eliminate the use of single-use plastic during our rides,
  • Use reusable charlottes (for activities that require a helmet),
  • Collect 100% of our trash on the circuits (“leave no trace”),
  • Do not use small plastic bottles for our customers, but large 5-liter bottles (which are then reused by the locals) and cardboard cups,
  • Reduce the paper used for our communication…

– By reducing our water consumption by using rainwater (when possible) to clean our vehicles and water plants for local bases for example.

– By preferring to maintain our quads correctly than to change them every 6 months.

– By developping as much as possible new eco friendly tours like Stand Up Paddle SUP outings (frankly domething to do!)

Good resolution n°2: offer better facilities to our customers.

This year again, we are committed to providing you with better facilities, starting with the opening of a new base in the Agafay desert, built with 90% natural materials (mud, wood, stones).

The Palmeraie & Jbilets base, opened in September 2018, has been a huge success with our customers. Customers wishing to do an activity in the Agafay desert can now enjoy the same type of base, set up in a magnificent oasis!

Good resolution n°3: work on the continuous training of our staff.

The social aspect of work has always been a priority at Dunes & Désert. The well-being and professionalization of our staff have always been at the heart of our company policy. In 2020, we are committed to continuing this policy, with the implementation of new actions:

– Continue to educate teams on security topics

– Offer foreign language courses to our guides (French, English and others)

– Train our staff in customer service to always better meet your expectations.

– Make the team aware of ecology on a daily basis!

Good resolution n°4: offer our customers an ever more efficient service.

Customer service is our great strength at Dunes & Désert. But we cannot afford to rely on our past achievements. In 2020, we are committed to satisfying you even more:

– By continuing to improve our availability: contact by email, phone, WhatsApp or on social networks.

– By always finding practical and dynamic solutions to your requests.

Good resolution n°5: develop new sustainable collaborations with local communities.

Working with local communities has been an integral part of Dunes & Désert’s values ​​since its creation. This year again, we want to set up new sustainable collaborations with the locals to offer them stable work paid fairly, and allow you to live even more authentic experiences.

Good resolution n°6: always improve the living conditions of our camels 

We love our camels, we cherish them, we pamper them. They are part of the Dunes & Desert family. Each year we try to make small improvements to their living conditions:

– A new covered space in the Agafay base for rainy days (under construction)

– An even bigger enclosure so they have all the space they need

– Limit their efforts when they are pregnant

– Vet visit three times a year (not counting emergencies and breeding periods)

As you can see, we are always looking to satisfy you as much as possible, while respecting the three pillars of sustainable development (economic, social and environmental). We are trying every day to find new solutions to reduce our ecological footprint despite the means offered in Morocco which are not yet fully democratized. Our goal is to be a 100% responsible company and to become in medium-term 100% sustainable ☺