Marrakech is surrounded by two deserts: Agafay in the south and Jbilets in the north. And you know what’s great?  Dunes & Desert offers rides in each of its deserts starting from their profesional facilities that you’ll find nowhere else.  But how to choose the one that suits you best? So we put the two spots on a round, and here’s the result of the match:

1- The location

The Jbilets desert is located north of the red city, less than 30 minutes from the center, perfect if you want to avoid long roads before starting your quad ride.

What is great is that this desert is along the famous palmeraie of Marrakech.  Because also of all the authentic villages along the tracks, you’ll enjoy full of different environments.

The Agafay desert is located south of Marrakech, about 45 minutes drive. It is further away, but the Agafay desert will offer you breathtaking views of the Atlas and its snow-capped mountains in winter.

2- The landscapes

The Jbilets Desert is composed of ancient sediments deposited in the primary era, then folded, faulted and recrystallized, of dominant gray to yellowish color. This desert area becomes even green in winter, it’s impressive and totally unique!

So do not expect a “classic” sand dune desert, it is rather a rock desert: sharp rocks that stand on the way and offer a striking contrast with the expanses of the palm grove of Marrakech and the peaks of the High Atlas which overhang it. A fascinating lunar scenery that you will only see once in a lifetime, and totally off the beaten track!!



Agafay Desert is a desert of pale yellow to red stones in some places, having dune forms. It looks more like the idea of ​​a desert, but with its specificities of course!

It is a very hilly desert area, where you can cross the bed of a river and therefore a little greenery, abandoned villages and offers a breathtaking view of the snowy mountains of the Atlas in winter. Note that the light is beautiful at the end of the day, a show you will never forget!



3- Playground for ATV ride

The desert Jbilets is a perfect playground for ATV: pass through river beds (oueds), stone deserts (“reg”) and lush palm groves. It is a playground that is perfect for beginners and therefore families (you can do the ride as a passenger). We recommend the quad ride to Jbilets if you choose the half-day package.


The desert of Agafay is rather recommended if you want to ride and drive the whole day (no passenger in Agafay Desert, only driver for security reasons!  Only one spot with the guide). You can explore a multitude of trails for all levels through local villages, lush canyons and an expanse of arid hills. you will not have time to get bored thanks to the amount of trails to explore. If you choose the whole day on quad, lunch is included in a luxury camp or homestay.



4- What to do in the surroundings

Several other activities are offered in the desert Jbilets: a balloon ride, a bike tourbuggy or a camel ride. If you have the time, combine the activities and choose our quad + camel combined day.



You can also choose the Oasis Camel Ride Experience in the Agafay desert. Perfect to meet those great animal and discover this unique place ! You can also choose to sleep in the Agafay desert. Many bivouacs and luxury camps are present everywhere in the desert, and we can take care of reserving your night in camp on request.



5- The price

Because of its proximity, a quad ride costs a little less in the Jbilets desert, so take into account if you travel cheaply☺




At the end of the match, we recommend you choose a ride in the Jbilets if you have only half a day and you have a tight budget. If you have time, we advise you to explore Agafay desert with ATV (and why not combining with a camel ride, ask us!), and even to stay overnight in bivouac for an even more immersive experience!

In both cases, we recommend that you book as soon as possible to make sure you choose the best place and date for you. You can see the availability of our activities in real time and book directly online on our website.